Sierraform GT

Recommended usage:

Greens/ Tees/ Fairways/
Sports fields/ Amenity
Only the Sierraform GT granules sink into the soil quickly and are therefore absorbed more quickly. The result is a faster response by the plants and less discruption for the players.

High performance micro-granular fertilizers that deliver slow relase Nitrogen, Potassium and Silica with trace elements for sustained performance.

Sierraform GT is a high performance range designed for use on fine turf throughout the year.Each granule contains conventional and slow release technology to provide a consistent and sustained release pattern.The slow release Nitrogen and Potassium sources bring real benefits for root development and stress tolerance.The granules are formulated to allow even distribution at low rates of aplication.Sierraform GT is the default fertilizer ranger for high quality fine turf.

Nitrogen is the key nutrient for driving growth in a plant

Sierraform GT

Sierraform GT's benefits


Good sustained performance

Slow release Nitrogen and Potassium for sustained performance


Slow release Potassium & Silica

Even spread at ultra-low rate applications (20g/m2)


Efficiency and high quality

Granules break down and disperse quickly

Silk Slow release Potassium

Slow release Nitrogen that can be incorporated with a combination of quality nutrient sources.

MU2 Extended Nitrogen release in microfines granules

Slow release Nitrogen that can be incorporated with a combination of quality nutrient sources.


MANNI-PLEX high performance foliar nutrients are a proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients, with a nutrients carrier added. Using MANNI-PLEX is one of the fastest and most effective ways to supply nutrition to plants and turf.

It helps build strong root systems and healthy, vigorous plants and turf. MANNI-PLEX can also be re-wet after it dries, which will reactivate the formulation and extend the foliar feeding period.

It is ready-to-use and compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and PGR's. Ideal for foliar application and may also be used in fertigation or as a soil drench.

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